About Us

InterfaceASIA-holden is a professional and trusted market research agency in China and Asia. We offer customized research service to fit in any step as clients need, both qualitative and quantitative research, including data collection, analysis, reporting, and strategic recommendations.

To support our global research agency client, we are proud of our three key values, Global Standard, Local Knowledge & Professional Service.

Comparing to the other traditional or online market reseach providers, our unique position is Total Data Collection Solution in China and Asia. We have in-house panels, consumer and doctor. We also have qualitative facility, moderating team....  So, we provide cost-effective and efficient data collection service, both on consumer research and healthcare research. We are the partner to deliver high quality and reliability in China & Asia.


Our Speciality

•China & Asia coverage

•Total solution of market research, Qualitative/Quantitative / F2F / Online / Panel

•10+ years global market research project management experience

•In house consumer / B2B / healthcare panels

•Member of ESOMAR, CMRA



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